Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Turd Blossom Lets Loose

“Bush’s Brain” does not strike me as being any more intelligent than Bush’s brain.

From Rove: Obama's inexperienced; Biden's a 'big, blowhard doofus' by Jessica Alaimo:

Maine's Republican delegation got a surprise visit from former White House political operative Karl Rove at its convention breakfast this morning.

During his speech, he talked up John McCain's Republican presidential bid and criticized Democratic nominee Barack Obama for his inexperience.

When the topic of running mates came up, he referred to U.S. Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) as a "big, blowhard doofus."
Can you imagine what a conversation between George W. Bush and Karl Rove in the Oval Office must have been like?

And they were supposed to be the ones who were going to return dignity to the Oval Office.

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Oliver said...

Speaking of Turd Blossom, here's a video of Karl Rove that's funny:


Paul Thoreau said...

I wish some Google Wizard would fix Bloggers nasty habit of chopping off the end of URLs. It is much too violent for my site.

Here is how to find the Turd Blossom Special that Oliver is talking about.

Thanks for your comment and the link.

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