Sunday, August 16, 2015

Deceptive Junk Mail Rant

Is deceptive junk mail legal? You have probably received mail that looks very important from what is printed on the envelope. Some even looks like it is from the government. It is urgent and important. You open up the envelope to find that it contains junk mail. Pure and unadulterated junk. Very non-urgent and unimportant. The last thing I want to do is give these people money, yet that is what they want.

Is deceptive junk mail a good business practice? Apparently General Motors thinks so. Yesterday an envelope arrived in my mail box. On the outside it had a return address of GM Program Headquarters with an address. Also IMPORTANT VEHICLE INFORMATION ENCLOSED! PLEASE READ THE ENCLOSED INFORMATION CAREFULLY. Yes every letter was capitalized. What is so damn important you may wonder. Is it a vehicle recall, or something else important. Nope, just a damn sales pitch. Go to your local dealer for the deal of a lifetime. What the hell?

My reaction to all this is NOT to buy whatever is being pitched in this way.

By the way, isn't delivery of dead trees by way of dead dinosaurs bad for the environment?

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