Saturday, August 29, 2015

Trump Ignores The Atheist Taliban Category

...Palin moved on to the journalists who quizzed Trump about his favourite Bible verse, calling it “gotcha” journalism designed to catch conservatives off guard.

“I love the Bible,” said the real-estate mogul. “My first favourite book by far is the Bible.” His favourite verse was a personal matter which he preferred to keep to himself, however.

The latest poll, he added, showed him leading with GOP evangelicals as well as with Tea Party members, moderates, the poor and the rich.

“We won on every category,” he said. “I’m very happy.”

One more question, said Palin, blowing her final rose petal. “What is next? Because we know you’re going to keep rolling down the trail.”

Trump purred. He was going to spread the love to Massachusetts, Iowa and New Hampshire. “They want to see something happen, see America be great again. We’re bringing back the silent majority.”

He gazed at his No1 fan. “I have to tell you, Sarah, you’re a terrific person and it’s great to be with you.”
Words can be funny things I suppose. A lot depends on what they actually mean. I think that Sarah Palin has written her own dictionary and changed the meaning of words to suit her own derangement. The phrase "lamestream media" must be in her dictionary. I think that Sarah Palin thinks she is being witty and clever when she uses it. To me she just sounds silly. Sarah Palin thinks "lamestream media" means that all mainstream media has a liberal bias. My dictionary does not have the word lamestream in it. It does give one definition of lame as "not smart or impressive". Funny how the word lame seems to fit Sarah Palin so well. If dictionaries ever did decide to add the phrase "lamestream media", I think that they would give FoxNews, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin as examples that help define the meaning of the phrase. The actual lamestream media has made Sarah Palin very rich by publishing her books, and giving her so much space on television, radio, and the internet.

"Gotcha" is definitely in Sarah Palin's dictionary. Her definition denigrates a liberal reporter that dares ask a serious question of a conservative politician who is too ignorant to know the answer. It is a deflective word meant to try to hide this ignorance and to show how horrible the "lamestream media" actually is. Her dictionary, I'm sure, now includes Univision anchor Jorge Ramos as an example, as well as the whole favourite Bible verse incident. Sarah Palin probably thinks that "gotcha" is exceedingly clever. To me it is simply an ad hominem variation.

Thinking that Sarah Palin has written her own dictionary would explain why those who know the actual meanings of words choose to use the phrase "word salad" whenever she speaks.

I think that Trump has written his own dictionary as well. I think it only has one word in it and that word is TRUMP. No definition, just TRUMP. This would explain why he can say “We won on every category." Trump's dictionary defines "we" as "TRUMP", and it defines "every" as "TRUMP". The TRUMP dictionary does not include atheists, women, Mexicans, liberals, progressives, naturalists, scientists, etc. The TRUMP dictionary explains why these people don't enter into the TRUMP brain or the TRUMP dialogue. To him they simply don't exist.

Trump's dictionary does not have the word silent in it. This explains why he hasn't noticed that the Silent Majority has transformed into the Tea Party and has become very, very LOUD recently.

From Silent Majority on Wikipedia:
Nixon's silent majority referred mainly to the older generation (those World War II veterans in all parts of the U.S.) but it also described many young people in the Midwest, West and in the South, many of whom eventually served in Vietnam. The Silent Majority was mostly populated by blue collar white people who did not take an active part in politics; suburban, exurban and rural middle class voters. They did, in some cases, support the conservative policies of many politicians. Others were not particularly conservative politically, but resented what they saw as disrespect for American institutions.

According to columnist Kenneth Crawford, “Nixon’s forgotten men should not be confused with Roosevelt’s,” adding that “Nixon’s are comfortable, housed, clad and fed, who constitute the middle stratum of society. But they aspire to more and feel menaced by those who have less.”
"See America be great again"? Let's remember that Trump's dictionary does not have the words America or great in it. To many of us America is about equality. We all contribute, we all make achievements, we all judge how "great" we are. Donald Trump's version of America is not at all like this. He doesn't see the real greatness of America, which is all of us working together living our lives with liberty and pursuing happiness. The real greatness of America is not TRUMP.

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Got my own dictionary, Webster's Seventh New Collegiate, and I'm keeping it. And going on-line for some definitions from the Urban Dictionary.

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