Sunday, August 16, 2015

Shooters Comitee On Political Education

Take a look at this.

SCOPE is a pretty weird acronym if you ask me. Their emblem has crosshairs in the O, and what looks like an eagle below the word SCOPE. What they probably think this says is FREEDOM. What I think it says is that they want to shoot the real version of our national bird. I also find it weird that they describe themselves as a "civil rights organization". Because, somehow guns don't, in my feeble brain, equate to "rights deserved by all people under all circumstances, especially without regard to race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender and disabilities".

Plenty of New York state conservatives are up in arms over the SAFE act. (SAFE is certainly a much nicer sounding acronym, don't you think?)

Governor Cuomo seems to think that people have a right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". These things are impossible to achieve if, you know, you've been shot to death. Plenty of New York state conservatives seem to think that the rights of gun victims should not exist. In their minds the second amendment takes precedence over EVERYTHING, including inalienable rights. Therefore, Cuomo should be impeached.

A couple more things. I know we all make proofreading mistakes, but what is a peptition? And why should several peptitions be repealed? Also, what the hell is a Ladies Shoot n Hoot?

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