Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Roomba Ruminations - Part One

As I am writing this, I am also vacuuming my house. Impossible you say? I lie. Technically, I'm not vacuuming my house. A robot is doing that chore.

Roombas are very cool. They are simply amazing. I was surprised that they work as well as they do. They move themselves around constantly picking up the crud from your floors. They work well on any kind of floor or carpet. They are a little over three inches tall, so they can clean under furniture that is difficult to clean with a conventional vacuum. There are no attachments or hoses to wrangle with. They flash lights, make beeping sounds, and even speak, all to inform you of various things. They are battery operated. There is no cord to trip over. If their battery needs charging, they travel to the "dock". This is their home where they "rest" and recharge their battery. Humans need to clean and empty them however. Their design is so well thought out though, that this process is relatively easy, easier than my conventional vacuum. My old vacuum sometimes helps with this procedure. I don't know how he feels about being demoted, because he doesn't talk.

I feel like George Jetson with Rosie. Although when the roomba docks itself I feel like I'm watching a starship on Star Trek being docked.

Roombas are a little bit expensive, but I think they are worth it. Maybe someday I'll buy the Ava 500, (in the Jetsons Rosie the Robot was model number XB-500) but only if I can make it into the robot version of Sheldon Cooper.

I am done writing this post, and the sound of dulcet electronic tones inform me that my roomba has docked.

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