Saturday, August 29, 2015

The 'Moment' Will Pass

The condensed version of ‘Moment’ Is Having a Moment:

Moments, the man of the moment, by a Megyn moment, with a big, symbolic moment, might be having an Al Capone moment, found time to have a celebrity moment, to avoid being reduced to the shorthand of the moment, the names attached to such moments will change, as the official man of the moment, might have his Lazarus moment, the moments will arrive, in the moment moment, the concept of the moment, our magic moments, in a special moment, at one of those defining moments, this moment, this moment, not to be about decisive moments, with the moment, is having a moment, had moments, the cultural moment, our current cultural moment, is a cultural moment, a moment, crucial moment, the other moments, a moment, ab hoc momento, this moment, many, many, many moments, but moments, the moment, a moment, define the cultural moment, understand the moment, experi­encing a moment, remember this moment, declare the memorable moments, how many of these moments, of the moment, the moment itself.

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