Friday, August 21, 2015

Me No Understand

What is this stuff? Reading it makes my brain hurt:

At least where the Internet is concerned, both God and Mephistopheles share the same keyboard; the interface that leads you to damnation equally offers absolution. Several commenters on Twitter asked Planned Parenthood how they were certain  the fires in hell weren’t waiting for them.  It’s a fair question. Where does that tab go? a concern that arises less from the dim memories of Sunday School than the much more recent and gnawing suspicion that something somewhere is always listening, always recording, ready to demand an accounting.
You never know how way leads on to way.  Forget about hell for a moment.  How do the officials of Planned Parenthood know they’re not going to be euthanized? Since a complete description of the state of the network is nonlocal, it follows that if the Internet is God then no one individual is completely in control, which is a scary thought for some people.  Bard probably missed that point but not Bill.  Not Bill.
Maybe someday I’ll meet the great man, the last atheist, the final holdout from the religion of syntheism and I’ll ask him. Who knows but he may incline his head the better for me to hear and rasp out: “Bard always said, ‘I don’t believe in God, but I’m afraid of Google. Well, I believe in God and the only thing that scares me is the Internet.’”  And we’ll sit there waiting, but I won’t ask him who he’s waiting for.
You never know how way leads on to way.  Forget about hell for a moment.

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