Saturday, August 22, 2015


PrayerSpark uses the internet and they have "an extensive list of respected leaders on its staff". Yet it sounds like a bunch of woo to me.

Feder's original idea to create the website occurred while watching a 2013 news report about former South African President Nelson Mandela's failing health and hospital stay, when viewers were asked to pray for Mandela's recovery. Feder remembered a series of studies at Duke University to test the efficacy of prayer. Subsequent studies demonstrated that prayer can improve health when received from someone perceived as a holy person who cares for your well-being. The affected person suffered less, got well quicker and left the hospital sooner, studies showed.

Feder searched the world to find the spiritual leaders who are now associated with PrayerSpark, linking them over the Internet so that they can deliver prayers, blessings and positive affirmations to needy people anywhere in the world, on demand.

"No matter what the spiritual belief or occasion, PrayerSpark lets you connect to that faith for free," Feder explained.
"As we go into the adult and youth detention centers, hospitals and throughout the streets, our biggest weapon for change is prayer," he said. "Thanks to PrayerSpark we are able to extend our reach all across the world."
Nope, still sounds like woo to me.

I believe that science has been and is our biggest "weapon" (strange word to use in this context) for change. Jerry Coyne expresses this very well:
OF COURSE science has been incomplete or wrong, yet nobody but a chowderhead would claim that it hasn’t led to progressively greater understanding of the universe, and better ability to deal with our problems. We’ve eliminated smallpox and have almost done the same for polio. We know how to produce clean water supplies for big cities. We have airplanes to get to distant lands. In what ways has religion “worked” to uniquely impart to us one solid truth about the universe? And by that I mean one idea (for religion produces no truths) that hasn’t been suggested as well by secular humanists.

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