Thursday, August 27, 2015

More Shenanigans

I call shenanigans again.

For some reason I hear Monty Python in my head exclaiming: "Nobody expects the Atheist Taliban!"

Just as I finish one post about murderous, genocidal atheists; I discover that atheists are also devious and bullying.

A New Mexico city isn’t backing down from a heated battle with an atheist activist group over the permanent presence of a nativity scene on public property, with the mayor of Belen issuing some harsh words for the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Mayor Jerah Cordova told TheBlaze on Thursday that he’s continuing to defend what he believes is a historical piece of art that reflects his city’s colorful history, taking pointed aim at activists’ handling of the contentious First Amendment debate.

“The FFRF has every right to believe what it wants. But so does Belen,” he said. “The FFRF’s tactics are designed to create conflict and division in communities across America. They stir up controversy where there had been none before for their own publicity and fundraising.”

And he wasn’t done there.

“I don’t understand why anyone would want to belong to such a devious group,” Cordova continued. ”I’m grateful to live in Belen, where we have a closeknit and united community that doesn’t put up with their style of bullying.”
When ya ain't got nuthin' else, you can always go ad hominem.

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