Friday, January 22, 2016

Donald Trump Will Save All Of Civilization From Destruction

Yesterday on “The Eric Metaxas Show,” Ann Coulter repeated her claim that God is using Donald Trump to save the U.S. — and all of civilization — from destruction.

Coulter started off the interview by defending herself from charges that she’s “divisive,” noting that Jesus Christ was divisive as well. “Yeah, I’m ‘divisive’ because I say things I believe, generally, so does Jesus, and liberals yell at me, that makes me ‘divisive.’ It’s the hecklers’ veto,” she said.
“We are talking about the future of not only of America but of the last genuinely Christian country on earth and thus the world,” she said. “If we lose America, it is lights out for the entire world for a thousand years.”
“Unless Donald Trump is elected, we’re never going to have another Republican president,” Coulter added, warning that having another Democrat in the White House would mean that “it’s over” and “the country is finished” because there will be a “Supreme Court of nine Ruth Bader Ginsburgs.”

If Trump loses, Coulter said, she will probably “stop wasting my time on politics” since “a Republican can never be elected president” if the country fails to enact severe restrictions on immigration.
Does Ann Coulter listen to herself?

What I hear from her are good reasons to vote for Bernie or Hillary:
  1. The United States will no longer be a Christian country.
  2. No more Republican presidents. Absolutely, positively... none.
  3. A Supreme Court of nine Ruth Bader Ginsburgs. That would be really cool on several levels.
  4. Ann Coulter will stop wasting her time on politics.

No matter who wins, liberals can still yell at her. Hell, it's a free country, everybody can still yell at her.

Personally, I'd rather wait through one thousand years of darkness than have Donald Trump as president.

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