Sunday, January 31, 2016

CALLER:  And I remember at that time, ironically, you were talking about how the media says that you scare away 24-year-old women. So I laughed at the irony of that situation.  I challenged my wife, who was my girlfriend at the time, and I said, "Hey, will you listen to him?" and she reluctantly agreed, and would you imagine? In one week's time she was hooked.  Absolutely hooked.

RUSH:  No kidding.  Normally it takes six weeks. We encourage six weeks here.  But you pulled it off faster. She did it in one week.

CALLER:  One week, one week.  You know, the first few days I didn't hear much out of her, and on her lunch she would listen from the monologue from like 12 to 12:30, and she's like, "Man, he's making sense. He's making sense."  And, sure enough, you're a regular topic. And, for three years, I just wanted to let you know --

RUSH:  You know, it had to be culture shock.

CALLER:  Oh, yeah.

RUSH:  What do you think she thought she was gonna hear?  I mean, she hears all this just BS they say about this program.

CALLER:  She heard MSNBC, you know? She's since become so far right-wing.  I'm just absolutely proud of her.  She's a big Cruz girl and Trump supporter also at the same time.
The media says that Rush scares away 24 year old women? That seems mighty specific. I think that Limbaugh repulses men and women of all ages.

Rush should take a college course in statistics. One person is a mighty tiny sample to be boasting about.

I guess it shouldn't surprise me that the caller refers to his wife as a girl. Obviously, she's no feminazi.

Here is more from the same radio broadcast:
RUSH:  You hang on, and Snerdley will get your FedEx address, and we're gonna --

CALLER:  Great.

RUSH:  -- send you some Rush Revere stuff.
CALLER:  You don't have to do that, thank you.

RUSH:  Gonna send you some Rush Revere stuff.

CALLER:  Thank you so much. I highly appreciate that, Rush.

RUSH:  For your daughter, the little cuddly Liberty doll, which is a great, great --

CALLER:  Thank you.  We absolutely love you.  My father turned me on to you, but I didn't start listening 'til I was about 18, now I'm 29, I listen to you every day almost if I can, depending on my work schedule.

RUSH:  Well --

CALLER:  But I always go to, check out the transcripts, et cetera.

RUSH:  That's awesome.

CALLER:  We absolutely love you.

RUSH:  I can't tell you how flattered I am, how much --

CALLER:  Oh, thank you.

RUSH:  -- I appreciate it.  So hang on, we'll send your daughter, she'll grow into this stuff, she'll eventually like the Liberty doll. I mean, she may even like that now.  And we'll send some stuff, audio versions of the books and a real book signed, and I'll throw a picture in there or something.  So you just hang on, this is how we'll do it.  As we get our hooks into another future American adult, one child at a time here on the EIB.

Yes, just like all the "great" religions of the world Rush believes in getting them when they are young.

I had to look up EIB. It means The European Investment Bank. However, one person with a big fat idiotic ego thinks that it means "excellence in broadcasting".

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