Monday, January 25, 2016

The NRA Is A Terrorist Organization

It is my belief that it is more likely that I will be shot and killed by a 2nd Amendment Gun Nut than by an Islamic terrorist. The thought of a nearby white American male with a concealed weapon fills me with more feelings of terror, than the thought of a nearby Muslim trying to live his/her life as an American.

Good Times with Guns:

Man who inadvertently /accidentally shot the women sitting in front of him at a screening of the new Benghazi movie says he brought a gun to the theater because he was afraid there might be a mass shooting at the theater.
I disagree with Josh Marshall. This shooting was not inadvertent and it was not an accident.

Texan accidentally exercises his 2nd Amendment right on himself during church. Dammit Jesus!:
Courtesy of the Longview News-Journal: 

Sulphur Springs police say a man accidentally shot himself in the foot Wednesday evening at a church. 

Police said at about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, officers responded to a shooting at the Davis Street Baptist Church in Sulphur Springs. Officers discovered a person, who was not identified, had accidentally discharged his pistol and shot himself in the foot. 

The victim sustained a minor wound, and no one else was hurt.Police said the shooting happened in the church's family life center.

For some reason the fact that this happened in the "family life center" makes it seem especially ironic.

Once again the best thing that can be said about this is that at least he didn't shoot somebody else.
If I had the power I would change the 2nd Amendment and abolish the NRA. Right now!

Remind me again why God allows these things to happen?

Remind me again why anyone allows these things to happen?

Oh yes I remember. FREEDUMB.

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