Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This Is Just Plain Strange

GLENN BECK AT CRUZ RALLY: We need to bring in more Atheist Marxist immigrants:

Glenn Beck told voters at a Ted Cruz rally in Iowa, that we needed to bring more “Atheist Marxists” in the United States.

According to Matthew Boyle at Breitbart News, Beck’s stated that Ted Cruz would take risks to bring as many Marxist atheists as possible into America from foreign lands, with hopes that they might become conservative Christians.

“So when we look at immigration, let’s remember that people—if they want to come here and want to be Americans—they renew us,” Beck stated.

I guess, according to Beck’s logic, America must be completely destroyed before it can be renewed. That is exactly what will happen if we import a bunch of Godless, immoral Atheists. We have enough immoral American Atheists the way it is. Dealing with them is enough.

Beck is a complete loon.
Divided they fall.

Unlike Glenn Beck I think the United States would be better off if every citizen became a Marxist atheist.

Atheists are not immoral as a group, by the way.

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