Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Un-American Activities

If Senator Joseph McCarthy were alive today, would he go after companies like Johnson Controls and charge them with Un-American Activities?

Johnson Controls Inc. and Tyco International PLC have announced a $14 billion merger, with the resulting company pretending to be “Irish.” This is called an “inversion” and is all about dodging taxes.

Johnson Controls is actually based in Milwaukee. Tyco is based in Princeton, N.J. but became “Irish” through its own prior tax-dodging inversion(s).
An inversion allows corporations to pretend to be non-U.S. companies and dodge taxes while still getting the full benefits of our country’s taxes: roads and other physical infrastructure, advanced legal system, educated workforce, police and other protections, military protection, and so on.
This is very Un-American. Paying taxes is patriotic. Tax inversions amount to grand theft on a very large scale. This will not lower your taxes. Whatever happened to "made in America"?

It's ironic to think of Bernie Sanders and Joseph McCarthy as allies. 

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