Friday, January 29, 2016

Oh No!!! Rush Is Kinda Sorta Making Sense

Here is Rush Limbaugh talking about last nights GOP debate:

Well, that's the larger point here is that I've had it said to me if once it's been 10 times, that people are a little worn out with these debates ending up being debates between the moderators and the candidates, not the debates between the candidates and the candidates themselves.  And it comes across as gotcha.  And of course the moderators say, "No, our job is to vet these people for you.  Our job is to expose them."
I kinda, sorta agree with Mr. Limbaugh. The debates are not really debates, they are question and answer sessions.

However, let's look at what is missing here.

First: Megyn Kelly is a woman. She asks the candidates "hard" questions and makes them look stupid. Using his dog-whistle Rush does tell us that she should be put in her place. I tend to believe that Rush wouldn't be so upset if the moderator was a man. By the way, Donald Trump is a women-hating chicken.

Second: The debates actually used to be debates. The League of Women Voters used to sponsor the debates. Now we have The Commission on Presidential Debates (notice the doublespeak name), and now we no longer have debates. Also, no more third party candidates allowed. The Commission on Presidential Debates "was created by and for the Republican and Democratic parties and often submits to their nominees’ wishes at the expense of voter education." By the way, Donald Trump is a women-hating chicken.

Third: A smart person is unlikely to fall for a "gotcha" question. Hillary Clinton comes to mind. (I'm not a big fan.) Also, I tend to think that "gotcha" questions don't exist, because a smart person would not get "got". By the way, Donald Trump is a women-hating chicken.

I don't know how Mr. Limbaugh feels about it, but I would rather keep the journalists out of the debates. I would rather see someone who has actual experience moderating debates be the moderator. Do university professors still do this? By the way, did I mention that Donald Trump is a women-hating chicken?

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