Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Will Rush Say He Was Wrong?

RUSH: I saw the funniest thing over the weekend during show prep. When was this? It was on, I guess, Saturday. Here we have this major blizzard that has stormed the Northeast. Two years ago, the New York Times had a story in which they're serious about "the end of snow" because of climate change and global warming. At the time they wrote it, the key slopes were empty and bare -- or way, way, way below normal. And so (capitalizing and politicizing everything, which the New York Times does) it became a big story essentially saying that we're looking here at the end of snow.

Very soon, in the next 20 years, it could be the end of snow.

There might not be any more snow!

Well, which is absolutely flat-out ridiculous. It is worse than journalistic malpractice. It's just flat-out ridiculous.
As I write this it is 43 degrees in NYC, and it is raining. By Limbaugh's own logic this is proof of Global Warming and Climate Change and Rush owes us a retraction.

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