Thursday, January 28, 2016

Growing Secularist Voting Bloc

Atheists Will Assemble Outside GOP Presidential Debate to Protest and Make This Key Demand:

Atheist activists are planning a demonstration outside of the Republican presidential debate in Iowa on Thursday evening, where they will publicly demand “a separation of religion from government,” according to a press release announcing secularists’ intentions.

The protest, which will be held outside of the Iowa Events Center — the site of the final GOP debate before the caucuses — is intended to help bring about awareness of the issues that atheist, agnostic and “non-theist” voters care about, while also touting free speech.

The tagline for the event is, “Keep Your Theocracy Out of Our Democracy.”

Rory Moe of the Central Iowa Coalition of Reason said that demonstrators hope to shed light on a growing, secularist voting bloc.

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