Friday, January 29, 2016

Is Anyone Checking The Facts?

No one ever really doubted that Donald Trump could pull off a major counter-programing feat -- even when competing with a GOP debate that was expected to draw millions of viewers.
He did it Thursday night, dazzling a crowd of hundreds of enthusiastic supporters by announcing that he had raised more than $6 million for veterans in one day -- $1 million of it from his own checkbook. "We love our vets," he said.
Isn't this bribery and playing on people's emotions on a grand scale?

The GOP is the reason we have so many disabled vets in the first place.

Whatever happened to "Throwing money at a problem is not a solution", which is one of the typical criticisms of liberals by conservatives. (I do realize that conservatives want charities and churches to be the ones "throwing the money".)

Don't get me wrong, six million to help veterans is a good thing. I just don't trust Trump.

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