Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Add 40,000 More People To The List Of People Pissed Off At Bush

From Bush's London stopover delayed 40,000 people:

Nearly 40,000 travelers will remember U.S. President George W. Bush's stopover in London. Their flights were canceled or delayed at Heathrow Airport to accommodate him, according to British Airways.
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Whenever President Bush goes somewhere someone else has to pay the price, both in money and inconvenience:

And it happens over:
Security was incredibly tight at the president's destinations, often at great cost to the host countries and no small inconvenience to locals.
And over:
In order to accommodate Bush and the army-like security and press entourage that follows him everywhere, the entire city has come to a standstill. Schools, public offices and businesses -- including a large General Motors-owned Opel automobile plant in nearby Ruesselsheim -- have shut down as have highway, ship and train traffic. This, despite the general economic depression afflicting the nation. Even hospitals have, as much as possible, been cleared just in case of an emergency. The city's 1,300 manholes have been welded shut, all flowerpots have been removed, as have parked cars and trash cans. Perhaps the only employment spike will come for police: More than 10,000 German officers have been called in from across the nation to make sure all goes well. Cessna flights, too have been grounded within a 60 kilometer radius of Mainz. Even Lufthansa, the nation's largest air carrier, cancelled 34 flights, inconveniencing 2,300 passengers. All this to accommodate Bush for seven hours as he tries to make up for years of giving Europe the cold shoulder. Our question, again, is it all worth it?
And over:
"1 man, US President, George W Bush will visit Sydney, Australia, for 5 days. He will travel in Air Force One which will be one of 3 747 Jumbo jets his entourage will fly in. A further 5 transport aircraft will accompany the Jumbos, carrying 2 helicopters (including Marine One, his official chopper) ... and it will cost over $200,000,000 ..."
And over:
Another neighbor, April Squires, complained about the inconvenience of not being able to park, use balconies or even open windows facing the Stewart home for most of the day.
And over:
The sources said Bush would be accompanied by a huge military force during his visit to Israel and tour of the Middle East. They said the president would be supported by at least four air transports that would contain special equipment as well as nearly 2,000 troops and bodyguards. Officials said police would deploy 3,500 officers and army troops to protect Bush, Middle East Newsline reported. They said large areas of Jerusalem would be closed to traffic during Bush's visit.
And over again:
Officials say it is likely that taxpayers will pay for a portion of President Bush’s Utah travel expenses. Bush was in the state to raise money for Republican Presidential Nominee, John McCain.
Is it worth it?

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