Monday, June 16, 2008

It's Only Money, Who Needs It?

The Bush administration's plan to help the United States seems to be to not raise taxes and not spend any government funds on the United States itself, but to send all our money to foreign nations. Why? How does this help the citizens of the United States? There are so many ways this money could be more wisely spent.

From Plan Mexico by: Maya Schenwar:

As Congress gears up to fund another year of war and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is also readying a nearly half-billion-dollar aid package that would initiate a Colombia-like drug war in Mexico. The majority of funds would fuel the Mexican military, known for rampant human rights abuses and participation in organized crime.
Yet, according to human rights advocates, the plan prioritizes companies over people, lining the pockets of American defense contractors while putting both political dissidents and ordinary Mexican civilians at risk. Government documents leaked to the nonprofit Center for International Policy provide an idea of what the specifics of the plan will look like: more than half the funds would pay for technology and personnel to bolster the Mexican military's counternarcotics operations. The initiative would ignore the US's own involvement in the transport and sale of drugs.

Plan Mexico allots no money for drug treatment and rehabilitation.
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