Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bush Just Pisses People Off, Doesn't He?

The worst part of it is that he is oblivious to it all, and doesn’t care.

From Brits give Bush hostile send-off:

President George Bush had come to say goodbye to Britain, but hundreds of protesters had come to say good riddance to President Bush.

Up to 2500 demonstrators held a boisterous rally in London's Parliament Square as Mr Bush dined nearby with his British counterpart.

Protesters blew whistles, banged drums, and voiced their opposition to the war on terror.

A few belted officers with placards and tried to breach a police cordon set up to block them from getting near Downing St, where Mr Bush arrived for a private dinner with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Demonstrators chanted "Bush - terrorist" only about 250m away from where the President and PM were eating, and police made 25 arrests.

Most were there to say goodbye and good riddance to Mr Bush, and some had a message for his successor as well.

"This is also a signal to the incoming president that the people of this country are absolutely against this illegal war and destroying civil liberties," said Sarah Cox, a 71-year-old retired teacher who carried a Bush effigy bearing a cowboy hat, toy pistol and miniature missile.
Read the rest here.

And there is also George Bush in Britain: Police investigate anti-war protests.

George W. Bush. Can’t you just feel the love?

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