Tuesday, June 17, 2008

War Is Dumb

I thought war was hell. The war in Iraq was more than a “dumb war”, it was an illegal and immoral war, and our current occupation is illegal and immoral also, and the Iraqi government wants us to leave. So let's leave.

From So Why Are We Still There, Sen. McCain? by the editors of The Nation:

It's a tradition in American presidential politics that once the primaries are over, both the Democratic and Republican candidates move to the center in search of that all-important centrist swing voter. Let's hope that this year, at least, Barack Obama resists that impulse when it comes to what is likely to be one of the most contentious issues in this fall's campaign: Iraq.

In fact, we need to do more than hope. Progressives, antiwar activists and, yes, even swing voters -- who long ago realized that Iraq is what Obama, in 2002, called a "dumb war" -- should demand that the senator from Illinois draw as stark a contrast as possible between himself and John McCain over Iraq.

Read the rest here.

CBS News printing something from The Nation. That's pretty cool.

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