Monday, June 16, 2008

Atheists Are Not Ignorant, Atheists Are Not Immoral

From Forgoing faith by Samantha Pak:

This is not surprising, said Michael Amini, a junior and Near Eastern languages and civilization major, who is another officer for the SSU. He said that many atheists know the Bible better than many Christians do — which shows that they turn to atheism not out of ignorance, but as a rejection of what they have learned.
Amini said that one of the most irritating reactions he gets when people find out he is atheist is the assumption that he has no morals. Contrary to this, Amini said that because he believes there is no divine justice and this is the only life he has, he is going to live it the best way possible. This makes for the view on his lack of morality interesting.

“Morality predates religion,” he said.
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