Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Today Show Sucks

The Today Show on NBC is one huge propaganda machine. Matt Lauer and all those associated with the show should be ashamed of themselves. This show is one of the reasons why our country is rapidly continuing its downward spiral.

Here is one example.

From Today hosts Dick Morris, who says people are debating whether Obama will be seen as "sleeper agent":

Summary: On Today, Dick Morris asserted: "[T]his whole debate about what kind of president [Sen. Barack] Obama would make has swirled around almost an existential level. Is he sort of a Manchurian candidate? A sleeper agent?" Morris has previously stated that "the determinant in the election will be whether we believe that Barack Obama is what he appears to be, or is he somebody who's sort of a sleeper agent who really doesn't believe in our system."
Actually Morris said “existentional." Is existentional a real word?

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