Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Rush, honey, when did 30 percent get to be a small number?"

Selected bits from Limbaugh: "Democrats will bend over, grab the ankles, and say, 'Have your way with me' " to African-Americans and gays:

Rush Limbaugh:

…but one of the simple answers that will require some elaboration is that a lot of money is coming from these kooks -- and I'm not talking about just the blacks -- I'm talking about a whole kook-fringe base because George Soros is running it…
The Democrats -- what are they embarrassed about? They're not embarrassed about anything. The Democrats have never set any standards for themselves. As far as they're concerned, everybody's a victim, even on their side.
But in addition to the money aspect of this -- and don't forget, the left-wing base is not even talked about by Mickey Edwards there -- is the anti-war kook fringe. And it is huge. From to Think Progress to My Base Book -- whatever these things, these things -- well, maybe not MySpace or Face, whatever it is.
Conclusions? Rush Limbaugh thinks blacks are kooks and are all gay (why won’t this get the publicity that Don Imus gets?), George Soros is so amazingly powerful that he controls the minds of all those “kooky” Democrats out there (of course none of them can think for themselves, let's call them dittoheads or something like that), the Democrats have absolutely no standards (as if Bush does? has Limbaugh ever even listened to Obama?), must actually LIKE war (what the hell is wrong with being anti-war?), and like John McCain and other Republicans (I thought they were the BUSINESS party) is not very internet savvy.

And what is it with the anal fixation? Is Rush another one of those Republicans who won’t come out of the closet? Does Rush need to be restored? Hallelujah!

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