Monday, June 16, 2008

The Sainthood Of Tim Russert

I was going to call this The Canonization of Tim Russert but someone else beat me to it.

I have already posted some of my thoughts on the media reaction to Tim Russerts departure from this earth.

Today I find more who are in agreement that Mr. Russert does not quite deserve all the uncritical glory being bestowed upon him.

From The Canonization of Tim Russert ... please by Joseph Raymond:

Here is my view of Tim Russert: he was a loyal boy scout, an alter boy publicly uncritical of the powers that be. He lacked a cynicism for government that anyone so long in Washington surely should have developed. He was promoted to a position where this character weakness caused great damage to our nation.
Tim Russert played off his failure to present opposition information on the case for war in Iraq or to ask the tough questions as if he never had an inkling that he was being used by the administration as part of a sophisticated propaganda campaign to sell the war to the American public. Why did the neocons favor use of Russert? Precisely because of the boy scout image.
There is more here.

Also worth taking a look at is How Tim Russert Helped Plant the Seeds for Iraq War by Jonathan Schwarz.

We are simply being given more propaganda from the main stream media upon the death of one its biggest propagandists, and helping to keep the circle of life of propaganda alive.

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