Friday, January 15, 2016

What Would Donald Trump Do About This?

Michigan’s Water Crisis Has Gotten So Bad The National Guard Has Been Deployed:
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) activated his state’s National Guard late Tuesday night to help address a growing public health crisis stemming from tap water poisoned with lead.

The move is the latest attempt from the governor — who declared a state of emergency last week over the water situation — to address a crisis in Flint that’s been brewing for months.

Flint residents have struggled to maintain access to drinking water following financial troubles that have made this utility increasingly expensive. In 2014, in an attempt to save money, the city switched its water source to the nearby Flint River — a switch that has since been linked to heightened levels of lead in residents’ bloodstreams, thanks to outdated pipes and a corrosive agent present in the water supply. Flint’s mayor says the city is now facing a “man-made disaster.”
Maybe "The Donald" could give them water from his gold sink.

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