Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Conversation Between An Evolutionist And A Creationist

From Evolution VS Creationism: LET THIS BE OUR FINAL BATTLE by Bryan J. Ibeas:

Some of the people bring up valid questions about the burden of proof, etc. And they are quite right in their assertion that some evolutionists can be quite dogmatic and narrow-minded. But the vast majority of the arguments from the creationist side follow this pattern:

Creationist: Please present me with persuasive evidence for evolution.

Evolutionist: Okay. Happy to help! Here's this, this, this, that, this, and also this. And that. And this. And read this too, it's very good. And that. And this. And that.

Creationist: I read something by another scientist that all of those things you brought up were wrong.

Evolutionist: I know what you're talking about, and in fact it's been proven by this and this and this (ad nauseum) that the scientist you're referring to is mistaken and also an idiot.

Creationist: You still haven't given me persuasive evidence for evolution.

Evolutionist: I already sent you about a million things.

Creationsist: I have no interest in actually examining/do not understand any of the evidence you have shown me, therefore in my eyes it is not valid. Please send me something valid.

Evolutionist: WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME???!!!


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