Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Racist Rush

This is the way Rush Limbaugh sees it. Barack Obama won’t win the presidency because he offers us hope. He won’t win because he offers us change. He won’t win because he offers us peace. He won’t win because of his oratorical skills. He won’t win because he wants to unite the country. He won’t win because he offers us something other than George W. Bush. He will win because he is black.

From Limbaugh on Obama: His "only chance of winning is that he's black":

LIMBAUGH: We know that George Soros is involved with Obama, but there's somebody that's putting the words in his mouth. 'Cause you're right -- when he goes off the teleprompter, he is a different guy. He does not come off as the messiah, he doesn't come off as this great unifier. He has trouble articulating with a bunch of stutters and pauses and so forth. So -- but my point in telling you this is that there must be real animosity toward the Clintons at high levels of this party. To go with a veritable rookie whose only chance of winning is that he's black.
Most of this could be said of George W. Bush. He had great support from his own monied and powerful people, he has speech writers put words in his mouth, when he goes off the teleprompter he has trouble articulating, he has divided this country more than anyone since the Civil War, he was a veritable rookie before he became president. He isn’t black. So I ask you Mr. Limbaugh: How did he possibly win?

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